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David Harris

Unique live experiences for theatrical audiences

David Harris is a Theatre Artist that specializes in devising stories in a non-traditional/post-modern format.

David uses 30 years of regional theater experience as a producer, director and performer to bring artists together with the purpose of creating vivid dynamic work that challenges the audiences perceptions of how theatre is presented.


Interpretive Stage Direction

A passage through a door into another world.

A whisper of wind. A drop of rain.

Smell of Pine and Woodsmoke.

Immersive Environments

A story begins.

The human journey unfolds.


Another door beckons and another world is revealed beyond.

You follow the story.

You become the story.

Revealing Moments


Production Portfolio

My work as a maker of theatre events
has two faces.

I work with classic scripts from world drama. Along with my team, I imagine the world of those classic stories as if I were walking within it alongside the people of the world.

I bring to life the texture of the world, the feeling moving moist air over your skin, the crunch of rocky soil underfoot, a full aliveness within the performance space.

The classic play is lived within by the viewer. It is freshly experienced from a unique viewpoint that I intend to shed light on.

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David Harris Theatrical